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learning fun 200Our course activities include videos, puzzles, team challenges, interviews with local business owners - combined with building a real world business plan and business website. All activities are carefully chosen to be age appropriate and promote student success. 


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Announcing our Spring Fund Raising Event… WE Bowl for Kids Economic Education

SAVE (Social Alliance for a Vibrant Economy) is ready to break out of the lockdown and get back to teaching kids about the economy, business fundamentals, website design and even starting their own business. We believe our schools will be opened enough in the fall that we can offer our after-school classes again.  Currently, we are developing a hybrid model that allows for remote learning coupled with small socially distanced classrooms.

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To do this, we need to raise funds to pay for materials like computers on a stick and teachers.  Each after school class for a 10-to-12-week period costs about $3,000. This notice is an outreach for sponsors to give you an early opportunity to participate in and/or be a sponsor of this fun fundraising event.

SAVE offers Free Business Lockdown Survival Course

Social Alliance for a Vibrant Economy offers Free Business Lockdown Survival Course for Whatcom County Business Owners…

Course Description: As the lockdown extends month after month, with no end in sight, many business owners are wondering how they can keep their business alive. This course is an opportunity for you to network with other local business owners as you develop your own plan for surviving the lockdown. We will cover creative problem-solving skills, computer security, and website security, including options to expand the online presence of your business, as well as new ways to communicate with and service your customers. Using real world business case studies, we will highlight how to protect your online business from hackers and the security benefits of using free, open source programs. Our mission is to help your small business succeed by giving you cutting edge skills.

“I Survived” -- the Pandemic Plan

The ultimate sacrifice usually refers to our soldiers dying to protect us on distant shores. 

In 2020, the ultimate sacrifice was mandated by our government of businesses across our nation.  They were asked to shutter their doors with no guarantee when or if they could be reopened. 

“An economic depression is so cataclysmic that it takes a perfect storm of negative events to create one.”

  • Covid-19 causes government to mandate business shutdowns.
  • Stock Market tumbles wiping out retirement funds and investment accounts.
  • Demands of government programs skyrocket.
  • Taxes do a nosedive.
  • The spiral begins, and if it goes too far, it cannot be stopped.

Why We Give

why we give2Many people say that they donate to charitable causes to “give back” for being successful in business or their life.  We assume that their success was due to luck or rich parents.  Yet if you look at their circumstances more closely, it probably was because of hard work, ethical principles and choosing an education that prepared them for success.

Wealth, the Importance of Building Up Your Nest Egg - Economic Word of the Day

There’s a lot of buzz being created by local, state , and national candidates about social and wage equality. They are proposing to establish a “wealth tax.” It is important for people to understand what a wealth tax is.

A wealth tax is a tax or bill which is payable every year on money and tangible or intangible assets of value earned and retained by a person or business. To determine that amount you must add up all of the assets you have; cash accounts, retirement accounts, land, building, stocks, bonds, furniture, jewelry, cars, trucks, antiques; anything that has an established value. Next you must list and add up the total amount of debt (liabilities) you have; loans, credit cards, mortgages, notes; all ongoing financial obligations and the total amount owing on each. Next step is to take the total amount of your assets and subtract the total amount of your liabilitues/debt to determine what your net worth is; this is your wealth factor.

This type of a tax would be due every year based on your wealth factor and would greatly effect everyone's ability to build up the funds needed to retire. Wealth is actually the "nest egg" we all need and desire to have as we live our daily lives and ease into retirement; it is your ability to live an independent lifestyle at the income level which you desire to have for your "golden years."

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