The homeschooling community is known for providing alternative education platforms for students to learn core education topics as well as other subjects of interest to the students and parents.

SAVE is an educational resource that provides curriculum to support core academic needs and subjects relevant to the students future academic and work worlds. SAVE is seeking feedback from the Homeschooling community regarding potential new courses they would like to see provided for their students. We are therefore hoping you will take a few minutes to provide us with your views on the following questions.

Rest assured that this is a confidential survey being used for informational purposes only. No individual responses will be retained. You do not have to give us your name, email address or any other personal information.

Question 1 Course Topics

When you look beyond basic courses, what topics would provide the most value to prepare your student(s) for their future? Please check any courses that you feel would be important for your student(s):

Question 2 Best days and times

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