The Need to Teach Values Based Economics

connected SAVE’s board members are a group of individuals who are involved in various aspects of our local economy. We viewed many resources, both in our community and nationally, of excellent programs that dealt with the mechanics of money including budgeting, spending and managing credit. But, money is not the economy. Money is the means to establish value to goods and services between people.


Let's look at the Big Picture


why we teach 1 resultSadly, people have become disconnected from the human-side of economics; which is why SAVE developed an education program to reconnect students, both young and old, to the relationship side of economics. Our program focuses on the relationships found within the workplace between owners, managers and workers and why a vibrant economy requires that the relationships between business, persons and government needs to be balanced in order to work well.



sharing economy resultAt the first session of our Kids Biz Club lesson on the economy, the students played a game on choosing what items they would need to take to a desert island. We wanted each student to realize how and what economics has to do with making good choices. It showed how you can make better choices when you communicate between the workplace members; each who bring a different view from their perspective within the business. This gave everyone valuable information as they worked to create their business plan. This was the first step in the development of their Business Plan.


We asked students to imagine places where they can fit into the economy? One of the most important introductions an existing or new business makes is how they bring value to the other members of the economic community. This gave students concrete examples that they used to evaluate the concepts learned in each of their business planning sessions.

Why do we teach economics from a relationship basis? Money management is important but understanding how and why the economic works is vital to future success for our students. We believe that helping people understand the basics of economics can empower them to expand their horizons to achieve higher goals.s01 1000

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