Why Raspberry Pi

SAVE was established to bring economic education to local communities. So many of our supporters ask, “What does a small computer and coding have to do with economic education?”

As I sit in Goose Creek, SC, reading The Gazette opinion page written by Phil Noble, owner of a South Carolina technology firm in Charleston, SC, he states the best reason I have read yet:

"An estimated 500,000 unfilled U.S. jobs require some level of computer-science understanding…The current 500,000 computing jobs are in every sector, from manufacturing to banking, from agriculture to healthcare, but only 50,000 computer science students graduate a year.”

If we are going to develop the vibrant economy needed by all business to grow, they need these types of skilled workers. If our children are going to participate in that world and help to build a healthy economy, they are going to need these technology skills. In one class SAVE teaches young children what a vibrant economy looks like, how they participate in it; while we weave the beginnings of the computer coding skills they will need to make that happen.

Raspberry Pis are low cost computers that can help kids learn how computers work. Here is what a Raspberry Pi looks like:



Nothing like a short and entertaining video that shows the power of learning with Raspberry Pi …




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