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Coming Classes

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In addition to our ongoing Kids Biz Club courses at Alderwood and Cordata Elementary Schools, SAVE will be offering business startup courses for residents of Agape House in conjunction with the Lighthouse Mission in Bellingham beginning in January 2020.

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Be a Mentor!

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Join our team of mentors. No experience needed!

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Help Us Help Kids!

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Our economic future is up to all of us.

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Coming Events


In addition to our courses, we hold informational programs and fundraising events throughout the year. 

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We Make Learning Fun!

learning fun 200Our course activities include videos, puzzles, team challenges, interviews with local business owners - combined with building a real world business plan and business website. All activities are carefully chosen to be age appropriate and promote student success. 

Business and Economics for Kids

michael flittieWe would like to welcome our newest SAVE NW Board Member, Michael Flittie. Michael is the CIO and Controller at Erin Baker's Wholesome Baked Goods in Bellingham. He is also an Adjunct professor at Western Washington University where he teaches 300- and 400- level and MBA courses in Operations Management, Supply Chain Strategy, Project Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Supply Chain Management with executive MBA program courses in Corporate Information Systems and Operations Management. Michael not only brings decades of experience in small business development, but will help us recruit more mentors for our Kids Biz Club courses on the WWU campus. We are thrilled to have Michael on our Board!

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