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SAVE seeks to create an educational structure that ignites creativity for use in today’s 21st Century. The “maker movement” is a grassroots hands-on educational movement that resembles the old-fashioned shop class updated for the 21st century. The maker movement is about making things using 3D printers, electronics, lasers, and robots. Ultimately though, it’s about inventing, manufacturing, and starting businesses. One giant aspect of the maker movement is open-source electronics. The Raspberry Pi is an example of an open-source mini-computer. It teaches kids how computers work (electronics and programming), but more importantly, it teaches kids how to make computers do useful things.

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Our goal is to bring the maker movement into the classroom. We can make a difference by teaching children basic computer programming with an inexpensive, yet powerful single board computer called the Raspberry Pi. At SAVE we know that students come from many different socio-economic situations. Raspberry Pi is fun and affordable; it teaches kids how to assemble, program, setup, and acquire the skills and confidence that are needed in business today.

Today’s education system has been slow to change and lags behind in teaching kids hands-on, real-world skills. Let’s change that. Let’s empower tomorrow’s generation with the skills needed. We want our youth to be smart and capable. Growing the Economy with Raspberry Pi project, is a valuable, fun tool, which will give kids technical and entrepreneurial skills.

Give a child a computer, or teach a child how to build and create one of their own? These are the skills needed to create a strong, healthy and vibrant future for tomorrow. With your generous contribution we can cultivate the next generation’s entrepreneurs. SAVE seeks to create an educational structure that ignites creativity for use in today’s 21st Century world.

The first step in this process is to raise $50,000 to hire a Program Director to launch our partnership with organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs of Whatcom County.

SAVE will fund the Raspberry Pi project entirely through private donations. There will be zero cost to taxpayers and SAVE will direct the money raised to this project.

● Provide students with their very own Raspberry Pi computer
→ These affordable mini-computers teach programming through engaging and creative projects. Students will assemble their Raspberry Pi from a kit, program them, and then write code.

● Forge partnerships with businesses, business organizations, youth groups, and after school enrichment programs and schools
→ In order to inspire future entrepreneurs, we will connect business leaders with the next generation of thinkers. The 21st Century has seen a transformation of nearly every major industry, but innovation is still badly needed throughout K-12 education.

● Develop innovative and dynamic educational programs
→ Students will learn 21st Century competencies, such as practical web design languages.

● Promotes important life skills
→ Our open sourced and flexible program helps to develop important skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving.

Your Gift Will Help Lead the Vision for a Vibrant Economy

Donation Levels

        Friends of SAVE $50+

Services Club $100+

Services are products o economic activity that you cannot drop on your foot, ranging from hairdressing to websites. We appreciate our donors support in helping SAVE to provide the service of Economic Education to the Community. 

         Assets Club $200+

Assets are things that have earning power or some other value to their owner. Our donors are the valued asset that we rely on to bring Economic Education to the Community. 

        Value Added Club $600+

As a rule, the more value a firm can add to a product, the more successful it will be. Our donors continue to be the value added that will ensure our success at providing Economic Education to the Community. 

        Entrepreneurs Circle $1,000+

Entrepreneurs are the life and soul of capitalism. Someone who has the idea and enterprise to mix together the other factors of production to produce something valuable. An entrepreneur must be willing to take risk in pursuit of a profit. 

**** Donation Level Definitions adapted from the Economist “Economics A-Z” which was adapted from “Essential Economics”, by Matthew Bishop

Some people think that economics is boring. At SAVE we know that the people who support economic education, are the Get-Up-And-Go that make it Great!

Your contributions are tax deductible and will be used to finance, promote, supply, and launch SAVE projects.

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