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Announcing our Spring Fund Raising Event… WE Bowl for Kids Economic Education

SAVE (Social Alliance for a Vibrant Economy) is ready to break out of the lockdown and get back to teaching kids about the economy, business fundamentals, website design and even starting their own business. We believe our schools will be opened enough in the fall that we can offer our after-school classes again.  Currently, we are developing a hybrid model that allows for remote learning coupled with small socially distanced classrooms.

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To do this, we need to raise funds to pay for materials like computers on a stick and teachers.  Each after school class for a 10-to-12-week period costs about $3,000. This notice is an outreach for sponsors to give you an early opportunity to participate in and/or be a sponsor of this fun fundraising event.

Event Summary

What: WE Bowl for Kids Economic Education

When: Saturday, May 22, 2021 from 11 AM to 1 PM

Where: Park Bowl, 4175 Meridian Street, Bellingham 98226

How to participate as a Bowler

A donation to SAVE of $50 will get you an hour of open bowling (up to 4 persons per / team / business)), two slices of incredibly good pizza from Splitz Grill, unlimited soft drinks, and bowling rental shoes PLUS an opportunity to visit with our board members and Education Director about SAVE and the world of economic and business education PLUS LOTS OF PRIZES! Donate $150 and you get four bowling tickets for your family or company.

As all costs for this event are covered by our Sponsors, whatever you donate will be entirely tax deductible! SAVE is a 501(c)(3) charity (Tax ID 46-5395032). More information about this event will be posted to the website soon; we are excited to get the word out, so we wanted you to know about it now!

Here are just some of the prizes

Be one of the first 5-bowlers to roll a turkey (3-strikes “XXX” in a row) and win a certificate for a turkey dinner. Be one of the first 5-bowlers to pick up/convert a split and win a certificate for a banana split. And, if you are one of the first 5-bowlers to roll a strike when you have a ‘Red Head Pin’ you will win a free milkshake. In addition to all of that, each ticket bearer will be given a certificate for one of our classes tailored for either the kids, or adults, or family sessions. Family units can help each other learn about computers, coding, and discover how our economic world is connected!

How to be a WE Bowl for Kids Economic Education Event Sponsor

Just fill out the Event Sponsor Donation form! You can choose to be an event sponsor, a bowling participant, or both. Sponsor a lane, or shoes, or one of the prizes. For your sponsorship, your business or name will be featured prominently at the event and included in the advertising. Gifts from sponsors will be used to pay for the costs of this event so the entire ticket price will be used to restart our classes; both types of gifts are tax deductible. SAVE is a 501(c)(3) charity (Tax ID 46-5395032).

Are you ready to break out and have some fun? Join us at 11 am on Saturday, May 22nd to bowl for a great cause!

Here is a link to sign up to be an We Bowl for Kids Event Sponsor:

Here is a link to sign up yourself and your group to join us for an hour of bowling on May 22, 2021:

If you cannot make it in person, you can buy one or more tickets by mailing a donation to SAVE, PO Box 29753, Bellingham, WA 98228 or visiting our website at and using the Donate button.

Please check out our website to see what and who SAVE is and why our mission to help kids and adults to understand how we are the bright economic future we all aspire to.

Also, please share this message with your family, friends, and others. Our community has everything we need for success if we unite to connect and be that message of hope.

Thank You,

Kris Halterman, President

Social Alliance for a Vibrant Economy, dba SAVE

“People connecting to shape a vibrant future”

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Tax ID: 46-5395032 “All donations to SAVE are tax deductible”

Thanks to our Great Local Sponsors!

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