Below are articles featuring economic and business news affecting our local community.

The ultimate sacrifice usually refers to our soldiers dying to protect us on distant shores. 

In 2020, the ultimate sacrifice was mandated by our government of businesses across our nation.  They were asked to shutter their doors with no guarantee when or if they could be reopened. 

“An economic depression is so cataclysmic that it takes a perfect storm of negative events to create one.”

  • Covid-19 causes government to mandate business shutdowns.
  • Stock Market tumbles wiping out retirement funds and investment accounts.
  • Demands of government programs skyrocket.
  • Taxes do a nosedive.
  • The spiral begins, and if it goes too far, it cannot be stopped.

Hello Everyone,

Upon reflection about the areas where we've made growth this year and last, I was reminded that we've come a long way toward fulfilling our mission statement. To refresh our memories, here it is: "SAVE encourages a safe, clean, healthy, and economically vibrant community. We advocate for people to live, prosper, and conduct business. SAVE will work to support the ideals of job creation and economic growth through education and sponsorship of activities that support this mission." We're right on track to achieve these goals.

SAVE addressed many of the important questions our grant requests are raising, as we have worked to sustain this mission.

why we give2Many people say that they donate to charitable causes to “give back” for being successful in business or their life.  We assume that their success was due to luck or rich parents.  Yet if you look at their circumstances more closely, it probably was because of hard work, ethical principles and choosing an education that prepared them for success.

rain on charitiesI am all for tax reform that makes it easier and simpler to calculate and pay taxes. I like it a lot when rates are reduced so I can legally pay less in taxes. I don’t mind when loopholes and dodges in the tax system are closed. Think of them as potholes on the road of life. So, what is the problem with the latest tax reform reduction?

homelessSeattle’s Head Tax made national news before approval, as approved, after approval, and after repeal of the new tax on businesses who gross over twenty-million dollars. The Seattle City Council cited a McKinsey & Company report, The Economics of Homelessness in Seattle and King County, to justify their approval of the new tax on jobs even though it was soon revealed that this report was flawed and the Council had not actually read the report. The report cited aggressive growth in Seattle as the main cause to the growing homelessness, yet the reports focus was on the increase in money spent by Seattle to alleviate homelessness vs. the growth of the number of homeless.

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