Hello Everyone,

Upon reflection about the areas where we've made growth this year and last, I was reminded that we've come a long way toward fulfilling our mission statement. To refresh our memories, here it is: "SAVE encourages a safe, clean, healthy, and economically vibrant community. We advocate for people to live, prosper, and conduct business. SAVE will work to support the ideals of job creation and economic growth through education and sponsorship of activities that support this mission." We're right on track to achieve these goals.

SAVE addressed many of the important questions our grant requests are raising, as we have worked to sustain this mission.

We have:

-hired a program director. The director remade the curriculum, making our program increasingly solid, productive, and viable.

-developed an extensive child safety policy, and qualified for insurance.

-started an evaluation planning process.

-taught great classes that have supported students in our community.

-received invaluable help from mentors who strengthened the program.

-reached out to the Lighthouse Mission asking to assist their clients.

We have been given support because of all of these positive changes. 2019 should be a year when we remember all of these improvement areas. Maybe we can set some New Year's Resolutions for continuing this great progress. We'd be "making a list and checking it twice!"

Keep up the good work, Happy New Year, and Go Hawks!:clap:

Thanks to our Great Local Sponsors!

thanks to donors