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SAVE offers Free Business Lockdown Survival Course

Social Alliance for a Vibrant Economy offers Free Business Lockdown Survival Course for Whatcom County Business Owners…

Course Description: As the lockdown extends month after month, with no end in sight, many business owners are wondering how they can keep their business alive. This course is an opportunity for you to network with other local business owners as you develop your own plan for surviving the lockdown. We will cover creative problem-solving skills, computer security, and website security, including options to expand the online presence of your business, as well as new ways to communicate with and service your customers. Using real world business case studies, we will highlight how to protect your online business from hackers and the security benefits of using free, open source programs. Our mission is to help your small business succeed by giving you cutting edge skills.


About Your Instructor: David Spring (who is also the Director of SAVE) has more than 20 years of experience teaching College Level Problem Solving and Business Website Development courses. David is also a former successful small business owner having started one of the world’s first online stores one year before the start of Amazon. During the past 20 years, David has helped more than 100 small business owners learn how to build and run their own secure business websites. He has also created numerous business educational websites including:

Flexible Format: Class Members will be given the option of meeting entirely online or a combination of online and small group meetings.

Times: 10-Tuesday evenings, 6 to 8 pm, January 19, 2021 through March 23, 2021

Course Outline:

Class 1: Course Overview and Member Introductions…
Hour 1: Components of a Secure Online Business

Hour 2: Business Case Studies, Online Hacker Attack Methods and Creative Problem-Solving Steps

Class 2: Computer & Website Security…
Hour 1: Understanding and Avoiding Windows Ransomware, Ways to Switch to Free Linux Programs

Hour 2: Website Security… Comparing Website Content Management Systems (WordPress and Joomla) to Proprietary Website Platforms (Shopify, Wix and Squarespace)

Class 3: Setting up a Business website test environment
Hour 1: Creating a Persistent Linux USB Drive

Hour 2: Installing LAMPP on a Linux USB Drive or Laptop

Class 4: Online Shopping Cart options
Hour 1: Installing Joomla on a LAMPP test server

Hour 2: Creating Joomla Articles and Menu Items

Class 5 Online Shopping Cart & Payment Gateway Options
Hour 1: Installing Phoca Cart on a LAMPP Test server

Hour 2: Adding a Flexible Template for Phoca Cart

Class 6: Newsletter Management System Options…
Hour 1: Advantages and Drawbacks of online newsletter options.

Hour 2: Setting up BW Postman and creating a Test Newsletter

Class 7: Event Calendars & Event Management System Options
Hour 1: Setting Up a Community Events Component

Hour 2: Promoting your Community Events

Class #8: Video Creation and Conferencing Options…
Hour 1: Video Creation for a Business YouTube Channel
Hour 2: Alternatives to YouTube. Video Conferencing Options.

Class #9: Social Network Pitfalls and Alternatives to Facebook
Hour 1: Setting up a business Facebook page and linking it to your business website

Hour 2: Alternatives to Facebook

Class #10: Data Backup and Storage Options. Online Business Skills Checklist
Hour 1: How to backup your business website

Hour 2: Online Business Skills Checklist

How to Register

Step 1: Visit our website:

Step 2: Click on the Programs Menu Item to reach the course description page. Then click on the Course Registration form link and fill out the registration form. Here is a link to the Course Registration page:


Step 3: Make a free-will donation in any amount to SAVE on our website donation page.Here is a link to our Donation page.


Please note that class sizes will be limited and early registration is advised.


Contact the Course Instructor David Spring M. Ed.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks to our Great Local Sponsors!

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