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SAVE offers Free Course on How to Start Your Own Business

Social Alliance for a Vibrant Economy offers Free Course on how to start your own business…

Course Description: FREE for a limited time only, this introductory course is for those who have already started their own business, or those who have a business idea and want to learn how to start and promote their own new business. Our goal is to help you learn how to start and promote your own small business and build your own business website. Our mission is to help your small business succeed by giving you cutting edge skills combined with a network of support. We cover how to plan and organize your business, business organization legal options, how to keep track of income and expenses, and how to create a secure business website. This is a project based course where you learn by actually setting up a real business - or work on improving your existing business!


Flexible Format: Class Members will be given the option of meeting entirely online or a combination of online and small group meetings.

Times: 10-Wednesday evenings, 6 to 8 pm, January 20, 2021 through March 24, 2021

Course Outline

Class 1: Course Overview and Member Introductions...

Hour 1: How to Write a Business Plan

Hour 2: How Computers and Networks Work

Class 2: How to build a business website

Hour 1: How to Use Bluefish to make our first web page

Hour 2: How to change font size, font color and background color.

Class 3: How to Add Images and Links

Hour 1: How to Capture, Edit and Add Images to our website

Hour 2: How to Add Links to our website

Class 4: Organize Your Business

Hour 1: Legal Options for Business Structure

Hour 2: How to Keep Track of Business Funds

Class 5: Internal Versus External Web Page Styles

Hour 1: Internal Web Page Styles

Hour 2: Converting Internal Styles to External Styles

Class 6 Add Pages and Menus to your Business Website

Hour 1: Add Pages to your Business Website

Hour 2: Add Menu Items to your Business Website

Class 7: Promote Your Business

Hour 1: How to Post your Website to the Internet for Free

Hour 2: How to Create a Free Business Facebook Page

Class #8: How to Create Business Videos & Set Up a Business YouTube Channel

Hour 1: How to Create Business Promotional Videos

Hour 2: How to Post Business Videos to a Business YouTube Channel

Class #9: How to Promote your Business in your local community

Hour 1: Class Presentations & Brainstorming

Hour 2: Local Business Clubs and other Resources

Class #10: Class Presentations. Online Business Startup Checklist

Hour 1: Class Business Website Presentations & Brainstorming

Hour 2: Online Business Startup Checklist

About Your Instructor: David Spring (who is also the Director of SAVE) has more than 20 years of experience teaching College Level Problem Solving and Business Website Development courses. David is also a former successful small business owner having started one of the world’s first online stores one year before the start of Amazon. During the past 20 years, David has helped more than 100 small business owners learn how to build and run their own secure business websites. He has also created numerous business educational websites including:

How to Register

Step 1: Register for the course at Bellingham Technical College via this link:

Step 2: Visit our website:

Step 3: Click on the Programs Menu Item to reach the course description page. Then click on the Course Registration form link and fill out the registration form.

Step 4: Make a free-will donation in any amount to SAVE on our website donation page. Please note that class size is limited and early registration is advised.

Contact the Course Instructor David Spring M. Ed.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks to our Great Local Sponsors!

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