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What is Barter


  1. the action or system of exchanging goods or services without using money.;”it will be paid for by a mixture of barter and cash”

synonyms: trading · trade · exchange · swapping · trafficking · business · commerce · buying and selling · dealing · haggling · negotiation

One of the reasons we formed SAVE was to draw the correlation between economics and people.  We believe an economy is simply an alliance between people for how they conduct the business of their daily lives. The simplest of these economic relationships is the barter system. I make something, say vegetables in a garden, — you make something else, say a watercolor picture, we trade and both of our lives are improved — More vibrant.  Because this system requires no currency it is the simplest of economic systems and exists everywhere.

barter1In today’s digital world the ability to barter has increased and allowed the average entrepreneur to enter the world of commerce and barter for their services and products.

barter2The next time you trade apples from your tree with your neighbor and in return receive a home baked apple pie, you have just participated in an economic system.  Yum. Yum.

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